Ketti Eddy, MSN, APRN

Ketti was born in Tucson, Arizona, and graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Nursing. She attended the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center where she received her Master of Science in Nursing in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program. She is a Registered Nurse and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner through the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.

She worked in the OU PICU as a RN and then in the Mercy Network in several different clinics as a Nurse practitioner before joining Dr. Fox and Key Health Institute and eventually FusionMD.

Ketti’s interest in Integrative Medicine was sparked during her undergraduate training at University of Arizona where Dr. Andrew Weil was on faculty and taught several courses. Ketti is knowledgeable in several areas of Integrative Medicine including essential oils and will be GAPS certified in the near future.

Ketti enjoys homeschooling, cooking, traveling and spending time with her family, is actively involved in her church and recently traveled Israel. 

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